Discover 3 Reasons Cosplay Wolverine Leather Jackets are Beautiful

wolverine leather jackets, the perfect leather jacket by Suzahdi by Suzahdi
wolverine leather jackets by Suzahdi

Discover 3 Reasons Cosplay Wolverine Leather Jackets are Beautiful

Cosplayers may seem weird, but that perceived weirdness is entertaining. Whether they don a Suzahdi cosplay leather jacket like the Wolverine leather jackets or paint themselves from head to toe, it is really cool when they don’t care if any of you and us appreciate their weirdness.

When we accept each other, life is better, whether we like to play “dress up” or not, it gives us an audience who can appreciate each other. Weird cosplay?! It is cosplay eye candy for us.

wolverine leather jackets by SuzahdiExamples of how this works are available at the most exciting Comic Cons like Pensacon Comic Con, Fan Fests like The Fandemic Dead Tour, Red Dress Runs, Halloween activities and in most every child’s toy chest.

Dressing up, whether in Suzahdi Wolverine leather jackets or the other cosplay leather jackets we make to order or other handcrafters’ cosplay creations is just plain fun.

People-watching is an intensely satisfying experience. Some of us at Suzahdi have participated in the Red Dress Runs in Pensacola, Florida and New Orleans, Louisiana.

It is a beautiful sea of red on men and women of all ages, nationalities and lifestyles wearing red plaid school dresses, spaghetti-strap cocktail dresses, body-hugging red leather from head to toe and such.

It just seems that cosplayers, sometimes referred to as weirdos, are refreshing. They help us out of boredom and into the realm of creativity and imagination, both child-like ideas.

Why do we have to put away childish things when we become adults? They make us see things in new ways. What was once odd, weird, and strange… becomes an eye-opener of our own possibilities. We do not always have to live by “business as usual,” right?!

Cosplay materials are so cool and weird and fun like leather, paint, sequins, clay, tulle, velveteen, and lace. Fromwolverine leather jackets by Suzahdi Bain of Batman to Darryl, Rick, Negan and Michonne of The Walking Dead to the intriguing characters of Jessica Jones to Hugh Jackman in Logan Wolverine movies.

And don’t forget Pikachu and the Morlocks and Eloi in Ray Bradbury’s books.

Weirdos and cosplayers have a little bit in common. They are brave. Cosplayers are about as brave as the characters they cosplay.

Where are the 3 reasons Wolverine leather jackets are so beautiful?

Speaking of new personas… who surprises us more often than Hugh Jackman in the Wolverine movies?

And then … there is “The Greatest Showman” which he stars in. He is so talented in dance, drama, music and more. He is a tough guy and a sensitive guy.

No wonder so many want to cosplay him. We are kind of proud that we handcraft our version of three of the cosplay Wolverine leather jackets~

Back to the point…what are the three reasons that cosplaying in Wolverine leather jackets rules?

  1. Hugh Jackman, who stars as Wolverine, created The Laughing Man Foundation to help farmers.
  2. He and his wife Deborra-Lee Furness have been married since 1996, and there has never been even one rumor about him cheating. Now, that is awesome!
  3. He is a Renaissance man. He plays several instruments, can dance well, acts as dramatically diverse characters in movies, a pretty funny comedian and believably tragic in dramas, and after two facial carcinomas removed, he advises some wisdom: “wear sunscreen.”
  4. We know we said reasons but there are many more. He uses his Twitter account for charity.
  5. He played rugby union and cricket in high school. He also did high jumping and was on the swimming team.
  6. He speaks French, Spanish, Portuguese, and English!
  7. He created Lucky Friday. Each Friday while shooting a film he often hands out lottery tickets to every crew member. It was a way to open a conversation.

We like him, and that is why we chose to make three different leather jackets in the three styles that Hugh Jackman is known for in Wolverine. We’ve bought all the movies and once per year have a Wolverine marathon viewing!!!

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