Family, Comic Con, Health Pandemic and Rick Grimes Cosplay

Family, Comic Con, Health Pandemic and Rick Grimes Cosplay

Tom cosplays Rick Grimes. No one else cosplays Rick Grimes like he does. Intense, strong, sensitive, and driven are adjectives used to describe Tom who excels in Rick Grimes cosplay as TomGrimesCosplay. Find him on Facebook and Instagram where he has over 10,000 followers combined.

Suzahdi records a talk with the authentically genuine guy, available on Youtube, in which points that arise over and over are the importance of family, encouragement, community, and of course, authentic, accurate Rick Grimes’ fashion replicas such as the denim shirt, the plaid shirts, the tan denim and corduroy jacket and the brown suede leather jacket. (BTW, Suzahdi handcrafts the suede leather jacket in black and brown.)

Family…Rick Grimes’ cosplayers are a growing part of the TWD family. They support each other big time, such as Tom actually guides other cosplayers where to find the most accurate replicas of Rick Grimes’ fashion wardrobe. Again, family is so important to Tom as well as many in the TWD cosplayer and fan community. They tend to cosplay as families with the kids doing Carl and such as the wives doing Negan, Michonne and other loved The Walking Dead characters.

Tom Grimes Cosplay actually won top cosplayer in Lancashire Magazine! His fans and community love him. They look forward to his daily pictures (all well-done), quotes, feelings and news he shares on social media.

Where do we wish to see him? At Germany Comic Con and oh… Pensacon Comic Con in Pensacola, Florida!

What is Rick Grimes known for saying?

  1. I’m not the good guy anymore.
  2. Yeah, I remember him. I remember him every day.
  3. You don’t know what it’s like out there. You may think you do but you don’t. It’s only a matter of time. There’s too many of those things. My boy, my wife, I never told them what I really thought. I never even hinted, just, just kept it in, kept us moving, kept it in, kept us moving.
  4. Ought to be polite to a man with a gun. Only common sense.
  5. No more kid stuff. I wish you could have the childhood I had, but that’s not gonna happen. People are gonna die. I’m gonna die. Mom… There’s no way you can ever be ready for it. I try to be, but I can’t. Best we can do now is avoid it as long we can, keep one step ahead. I wish I had something better to say – something more profound. My father was good like that. But I’m tired, son.
  6. Everything we’ve done, we’ve done together. We got here together, and we’re still here. Things have happened, but it’s always worked out for us, ’cause it’s always been all of us. That’s how I know. ‘Cause as long as it’s all of us, we can do anything.
  7. Now you put down your weapons, walk through those gates you’re one of us. We let go of all of it, and nobody dies. Everyone who’s alive right now. Everyone who’s made it this far. We’ve all done the worst kinds of things just to stay alive. But we can still come back. We’re not too far gone. We get to come back. I know we all can change.
  8. What I said last year, that first night after the farm it can’t be like that. It can’t. What we do, what we’re willing to do, who we are it’s not my call. It can’t be. I couldn’t sacrifice one of us for the greater good because… because we are the greater good. We’re the reason we’re still here, not me. This is life and death. How you live, how you die it isn’t up to me. I’m not your governor. We choose to go, we choose to stay, we stick together.

The health pandemic has kept us physically apart, but not virtually apart. We can still influence and build each other up, to set goals, to have dreams, to talk about these things. Life is good, very good. Just listen to Tom Grimes Cosplay talk with us at Suzahdi. He will bring a big smile to the toughest cookies. He is so cool! It makes us so happy to share his experiences, wise words and love of family.

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