Welcome to the Planet of the Dead and Novel Virus by Sylvester Barzey

Welcome to the Planet of the Dead and Novel Virus by Sylvester Barzey

Welcome to the Planet of the Dead book series talk via Suzahdi and Sylvester Barzey.Read the Planet of the Dead book series by Sylvester Barzey (shown in the video wearing a Suzahdi handcrafted Rick Grimes suede cosplay leather jacket.) The future is stranger than we dream of, right? Phew, that is 2020 for planet Earth! The series draws from The Walking Dead TV series. It places the protagonist, a strong black woman, named Catherine Briggs, in the midst of an apocalyptic world of zombies and schizophrenic perverts. You feel her dying to find creatures she can trust to help her find the beautiful family she has lost during the dark chaos. Be thoroughly on the edge of your seat as Catherine braves your worst nightmares.

It’s 2019, and the wall that the president threatened to build has come to fruition. That should have solved all the nation’s problems, right? That is what he promised. But…the president is missing. On top of that, an unknown virus shocks the world and seems to threaten the extension of humanity. People die, but they don’t stay dead for long.

A super confident and mouthy mamacita, Catherine loses what matters to her most, her family. It is the apocalypse! Her Army career prepared her for the visible enemies, sort of, but definitely not the invisible ones. On the other hand, law school prepared her for liars, but life is no fun when you cannot trust anyone. The evil lurking beyond the apocalypse’s mask is in the form of desperate survivors. Some ditsy sorority girl surrounds Catherine with hell in the eery quiet of dark night. But worse is the backwoods circus of clowns who plan in detail to enjoy Catherine and other humans for daily dinner with salt and pepper on top.

Just as COVID-19 has planet Earth scientists and medical professionals confounded as of July 23, 2020, Catherine is blindsided over and over with the results of the novel virus threatening to rule the new planet of the dead.

The Walking Dead Season 10 trailer was delayed by the real-life health pandemic caused by COVID-19. The timing and coincidence of the two, season 10 and the novel coronavirus, have broadened worldwide interest in The Walking Dead TV show as well as in viruses in general. A spoiler in the trailer includes the fact that a favorite character rejoins the crew… Maggie, not Rick Grimes. Maggie has many fans, but there is a huge and growing fanbase who pray fervently for the return of Rick Grimes who cosplay and love him in his tan jean jacket and his suede leather jacket that so many covet.

As the Amazon description shares very well the conundrum: “Can a modern day wonder woman survive long enough to be reunited with her family or is hope the only thing that stays dead in the Apocalypse?”

From the Author of Planet of the Dead

Planet Dead is his attempt to solve a problem he sees prevalent in the horror genre. He loves horror movies, books, tv shows and comics, but as a person of color, he noticed there are very few horror-related titles that include people from a variety of multi-cultural backgrounds.

Some horror movies have a white female who leads, who starts off weak and comes out strong. There is nothing wrong with that Barzey thinks, but he insists on having a strong female that wasn’t made strong by the horrors she saw, but by the life, she lived and lives. He wanted the protagonist to be a person of color so he could show the world people of color are just as strong as any those who are not. He relishes in the fact that he can create science fiction in which all types of people can be heroes and villains, and they can be complex in many ways.
He had no idea how pertinent his Planet Dead series would become in 2020, the year of the global health pandemic because of COVID-19. Wow, we are blown away. We thank the Barzeys for talking with us at Walker Stalker Con (now bankrupt?!?) Atlanta 2019.
The horror genre leads you to believe that people of color can only die first or be the comic relief. Planet Dead is here to break down that old thought process and give people of color heroes they can relate to, all while giving the world and zombie fans a badass story.

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