Not Just The Everyday Grimes! Five Reasons to Love Rick Grimes

Not Just The Everyday Grimes! Five Reasons to Love Rick Grimes

The Everyday Grimes David Inge talks about what is dear, the trials, tribulations and joys, to many a heart like how 2020 and the health pandemic changed all our lives. He talks about gaining weight, not feeling good and such but finding a way through all that with goals that he worked hard to reach. On top osuzahdi rick grimes jacket, the everyday grimes, rick grimes cosplayf the weight gain and not feeling good, his dear father passed away. We think it is time to hug someone, so go ahead and then come back and read five reasons to love Rick Grimes.

#1  The Everyday Grimes is really cool and down to earth.

Check out his #twdedits #rickgrimesjacket edits such as ripping a zipper out and leaving it that way because that is what happened to #rickgrimes sometime in The Walking Dead Season 4 or 5! (Speaking of that, why is Negan’s zipper always on the left side; whereas, in the U.S., men usually wear their zippers on the right side and not on the left?) How did it break off? Well, our team is re-watching seasons 4 and 5 to see how and why for you! Won’t you join us?

#2 David wants to immerse you in #thewalkingdead.

He says we might be the “ambassadors.” His favorite episode is Season 9, Episode 4. The long hair is cool, but when he buzzed it and went to the comic book side, he really liked that. We got to see Michonne’s two-sided self. During the day she was a smart, lovely mother and someone who had an eye for planning and building a better future, but at night, she was a super clever zombie-fighter. And who would enjoy being slung off of the top of a galloping horse? Rick Grimes could tell us the details.

#3 Andy Lincoln might be British but don’t you love his USA southern accent?

It has been said that Andy said that he had been using a southern accent so much during The Walking Dead that he his original British accent felt unnatural. We all know that if you end any command with “y’all,” you are more likely to get what you want. 😉 Well, the Rick Grimes’ character is from northern Georgia. It must have been difficult to switch from “ah” for “r” to “arrrrr.” Non-USA-southern actors Lennie James and Cush Jumbo do a great job mimicking the southernese USA sound, too.

David, The Everyday Grimes, says we shouldn’t get too attached to any characters that we love. It’s like Game of Thrones…don’t get too attached. It’s like the Apocalypse. You will feel your heart squeezed and your ability to breathe sparse because the ache in the soul will be real.

“The Walking Dead is pretty much through the eyes of Rick Grimes,” says David. Do you agree?

#4 When you cosplay Rick Grimes, you are his ambassador.

When people cosplay their favorite character, they are like ambassadors, he says. Better take great care in doing that. What do you think?

#5 Rick Grimes leaves people feeling good about themselves?

When you have time, we would love for you to listen to David talk with Suzanne Bowen, our Suzahdi cofounder, at Our dream is that it will leave you feeling good about yourself and the world we all live in. 19 seconds of listening to David, the Everyday Grimes, at RobCon 2018 just wasn’t long enough.

Sorry that we leave you hanging at the end of part 1 of 2 in the interview with #theeverydaygrimes #everydaygrimes David Inge when we ask him about his look of Rick Grimes in wardrobe and otherwise appearance. 😉 Come back soon to hear and see the rest. @theeverydaygrimes #thewalkingdead #twd #twdfamily #hugsomeone #weareinthistogether #rickgrimes #rickgrimesjacket #twdlove

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