Real Leather Trucker Jacket in Sexy Black Color for 2

Real Leather Trucker Jacket in Sexy Black Color for 2

For two? The denim and leather trucker jacket is meant for ladies and gentlemen. The button-front closure, two front chest pockets, waist-length cut, and sweet colors of traditional dark blue to subtly light wash make the trucker jacket a very cool must-have in your trendsetting wardrobe. But what about a BLACK LEATHER trucker jacket?

black leather trucker jacket by Suzahdi on eBay
Black leather trucker jacket by Suzahdi – Front View

Well…Suzahdi, an Elegant Group Inc handcrafted classic leather jacket service, shares its version of real leather in robust black. Yes, a leather trucker jacket! We are deeply grateful to our special customer for his request of such. Cool idea!

Bet you have at least one denim jacket in your wardrobe, and the design is probably trucker. What attracts us to our leather trucker jacket design is its vibe of taking us back to our roots and those slanted seams that start near the chest pockets and go extend almost to the waistline.

We just want to put our leather trucker jacket on and keep our hands warm in them. At least, between November and March in the Northern Hemisphere and between June and August in the Southern Hemisphere! Say, “Hello, there” to the opposite side of our leather trucker jacket.

the back of our Suzahdi brand black leather trucker jacket with buttoned cuffs
Back of Suzahdi black leather trucker jacket with buttoned cuffs, lovely silhouette

The 1920s ushered in the League of Nations, the first artificial rabbit at a dog race in California, and mainstream use of automobiles, telephones, motion pictures, radio, and household electricity but also the trucker jacket.

The trucker jacket has that rugged vibe appeal most of the time in denim, but leather takes the trend in a totally cool direction. Or should we say, “Hot!”?


The fit expected is as unique as you are. Typically, the standard is to have a slim to nice comfortable but not loose fit. It should still look good whether you are going bare-chested or wearing a t-shirt, sweatshirt, or turtle-neck sweater under it.

Make sure that when you take your measurements, you take them the way a professional tailor would. Now, we know the following measurement chart shows three measurements to take on the Suzahdi version of the Rick Grimes The Walking Dead style brown sued leather jackets with that warm sheep shearling collar, but the image shows exactly where the measurements of your shoulders, sleeves, and chest should be taken. It is also nice if you let us know your weight and height when placing an order.

Suzahdi Leather Trucker Jacket should have chest measured just under the arms all the way around the chest. Measure the shoulders from tip of one shoulder to tip of the other shoulder. Sleeves should be measured from the tip of one shoulder to halfway between the wrist of your hand and the knuckles of your hand.
How to Measure the Shoulders, Around the Chest, and Proper Sleeve Length

Measure the shoulders from the tip of one shoulder to the tip of the other shoulder. Measure the chest under the arms all the way around the chest one time. Measure the sleeve from the tip of one shoulder, down the arm to about halfway between the wrist and the knuckles of the hand.


All black is a certain favorite. Think of Johnny Cash – The Man in Black and Jeff Goldblum as Dr. Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park…“all in black, with snakeskin boots and sunglasses!” Enter: Olivia Newton-John in Grease…oh that hot black leather jacket and how she seemed to be stitched into those skin-tight black pants. Black is the new pink on her! We know you will love our black leather trucker jacket with black denim, leather, or dress pants. Add a black polo shirt or button-up dress shirt.

And now for something completely different…any plaid shirt with a least a splash of black will draw attention in a subtle way. Red, black and white plaid; green, black, and yellow plaid; pink, black, and gray plaid; or whatever color combination you love and that looks good on you.

Red leather plaid looks awesome with a black leather trucker jacket, says Suzahdi handcrafted leather jacket service!
Group of friends and colleagues in red plaid; we love this!

Credits for this cool image go to Dondy Razon pictured on the left. We just want to place a black leather trucker jacket by Suzahdi nice and relaxed around their shoulders.

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