Ghost Rider Leather Jacket Scary Upside Down V

Ghost Rider Leather Jacket Scary Upside Down V

Do you know what it is like to be Robbie Reyes in Ghost Rider leather jacket? If you do, we are thinking of you with TLC. His character dons the Ghost Rider leather jacket with the infamous, not so upside down white “V.” What the not so upside down white “V” stands for is a story to study and ponder.

What Was Robbie’s Childhood? Ghost Rider Leather Jacket!

Robbie Reyes in the Ghost Rider leather jacket. Suzahdi handcrafts this black leather jacket available on eBay.
Robbie Reyes has been (fill in the blank) by a relentless demon in the Ghost Rider Leather Jacket.

Robbie’s parents leave him and his little brother which they never forgive. He is horrendously shoved into adulthood with responsibilities that would be overwhelming for adults. But, by the time he enters high school, he becomes a stellar car mechanic.

Like every kid, he loves cars, but also needs money to take care of his little brother. No spoiler here…just think theft, serial killer, demon possession, and jumping into something bigger than he is.

Mephisto, Lord of Hell, uses depressed, close-to-giving-it-up souls to be his Ghost Riders.

Does Robbie in the Ghost Rider Leather Jacket Give in to the Lord of Hell?

When this happens, their lives become filled with doom and despair as they are pushed to obey the demon’s wishes. But Robbie Reyes does not make the deal with him. He does make a pact, but surprise, surprise…Mephisto is physically related to Robbie. Okay, that’s it. No spoilers here.

We at Suzahdi just want you to know about the Ghost Rider leather jacket with the infamous, not so upside down white “V” that we make to order for each of our customers, all highly valued and appreciated. It is available on Suzahdi eBay store.

Now, what is the white, not so upside down letter “V” all about on Robbie Reyes’ Ghost Rider black leather jacket? Some define the original upside down “V” as the symbol of hatred. Others say it exudes divinity and spirituality especially those who practice Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

The actual inverted “V” symbol is also the Greek letter “L” as in Lambda. First adopted by them in 420s BC, it was well-known Spartan symbol. It meant to return only in victory, a controlled retreat, or dead, with their body carried on the shield. As all know, the the white pattern on the Ghost Rider jacket is not really an upside down “V,” but something about it and its meaning coincide with the story of Ghost Riders.

The Robbie Reyes' style Ghost Rider Leather Jacket in Black available by Suzahdi on eBay!
Ghost Rider Leather Jacket with the not exactly upside down V.

How does this all explain why the white upside down V is even on the Ghost Rider leather jacket, the black leather jacket? Watch the movie, and see how all of the research makes sense to explain.

As of April 1, 2022, you can watch Ghost Rider on HBO Max or TNT or can stream Ghost Rider by renting or purchasing it on Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, iTunes, and Google Play.

Totally surprising that Robbie Reyes, though he has every right in the world to be angry enough to kill, he…we will not be guilty of spoiler!

Uh, and did we say that Ghost Rider joined the Avengers? (That was the day that She-Hulk kissed Thor.) Robbie will do anything to keep his little brother Gabe safe. Sounds a bit like how Dean Winchester feels about Sam Winchester. Remember John, their dad leaves them, and their mom is killed by a…oops, no spoilers!

Oh man, the Hell Charger with a trunk like the Tardis (time [portal) of Robbie Reyes in the Ghost Rider leather jacket has similarities with Dean and Sam Winchester’s 1967 Chevy Impala.

BTW, “Ghost Rider” is the property of Marvel and ABC. Suzahdi team just watched Ghost Rider w/ Robbie Reyes & started on related comics! We are hooked and wanted to show you our handcrafted version inspired by the Ghost Rider leather jacket.

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