History of Popular Bomber Jackets Part 1 of 2

History of Popular Bomber Jackets Part 1 of 2

History of Popular Bomber Jackets Part 1 of 2

The US World War I Army Aviation Clothing decisionmakers rolled out leather sourced popular bomber jackets for their pilots. Back then, fighter planes were open to the air. We just cannot even imagine piloting aircraft in an open cockpit…scary. We are impressed. They didn’t soar as high into the atmosphere as current-day planes obviously do.

The popular bomber jackets needed to be warm and provide necessary insulation. Our customers say that the first flight jackets were typically made of horse leather or seal skin with soft, cozy fur lining. They had those cool high wrap around collars. They were a bit bulky, but that is what was needed for protection and warmth.

The Most Popular German Flight Jacket Bomber Jacket of Leather Version by Suzahdi

There was and is something wonderfully and transcendentally iconic about flight and bomber jackets but especially about the people who wore them then and wear them now.

Just imagine the respect and awe that people had for these members of this new state-of-the-art branch of the United States armed services. Today it feels the same while wearing these popular bomber jackets and while admiring them.

One of Many Must-Have Bomber Jackets in Suzahdi Repertoire


A myriad of high-tech aviation developments powerfully demanded the stage in the years after World War I; most visual was the cockpit’s shape that make absolute sense. The cockpits became narrower in shape, filled with new technology, much like cell phones and computer devices today in 2022. have become more compact…same reasons…high tech!

There was simply not enough room to wear the longer, bulkier coat. So, the US Army Type A-1 made a smashingly handsome but necessary entrance in 1927. The A-1 popular bomber jacket—and popular it was—had a more efficient shape than WWI flight jackets.

The warmer than ever-popular bomber jackets of leather were accessorized perfectly with a knit collar, wool-knitted cuffs and waistband, button-up closures on the jacket, and two front pockets. The most common choices of leather included goatskin, horsehide, and sheepskin in the handcrafting of the A-1. The waist was snug to keep warmth inside, of course.


The early 1930s demanded changes once again, not only in a new version of popular bomber jackets but also in strengthened prohibition enforcement, the Great Depression, and the Graf Zeppelin Airship that shocked the world when it completed a flight from Germany to Brazil. This was step three in the exciting evolution of the history of the popular bomber jackets.

The A-2 lined leather flight jacket like the famous Jimmy Doolittle wore, phased out in 1943, and was quite comparable to the A-1 bomber leather jacket in many ways, but its differences included a zipper closure instead of buttons for quicker donning and removing and for the added warmth. It had a new wind flap. The collar was much taller.

Even though closed cockpits were ushered in, the popular bomber jackets usually still were constructed for working in open-air cockpits. The cuffs and waists were stretchy with elastic for warmth once again. World War II Air Corp daredevils still wore them. These popular bomber jackets are much sought-after and close to people’s hearts.


popular bomber jackets by Suzahdi like Tom Cruise Top Gun Leather Jacket Style
Popular Bomber Jackets by Suzahdi like Tom Cruise Top Gun Maverick Leather Jacket Style

Thank you to Tom Cruise and his highly-talented colleagues, we all get to see “Top Gun: Maverick” in May 2022! (We just have to do what we have to do, health-pandemic-wise, to make that happen. No more postponing!)

Back to the description of part 1 of the history of the popular bomber jackets! The G-1 popular bomber jacket was rolled out to United States Army and Navy pilots in the 1930s. In the year 1943, the G-1 was the choice for Air Corpsmen and Corpswomen pilots, the latter who flew 80 percent of all ferrying missions, BTW! It had the same convenient zipper closure for ease of donning and removing. The wind flap was removed.

The iconic G-1 popular bomber jacket brought back the bi-swing and mouton fur collar (typically made of sheepskin that is processed to resemble beaver or seal .) Mouton is French for “sheep.”

The bi-swing back made sense because it was a deep pleat that began from the back waistline or belt area and extended up to the shoulder on each side, to improve the range of movement when the wearer’s arms were extended. The B3 B-3 leather jacket is one of the most comfortable that Suzahdi tailors handcraft. Feels luxurious.

Stay tuned for more history of the popular bomber jackets such as the RAF Aviator WWII Classic B3 Sheepskin Leather Jacket! If you do not have one of these popular bomber jackets, get one.

WWII B-3 RAF Flight B3 Style Trendy
Bomber Jackets of Leather with TLC by Suzahdi

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