German Erich Hartmann Luftwaffe Leather Flight Jacket is # 4 Most Popular Suzahdi Style

German Erich Hartmann Luftwaffe Leather Flight Jacket is # 4 Most Popular Suzahdi Style

What’s with the trend and love of the German Erich Hartmann Luftwaffe leather flight jacket? Study history to discover the answer. Peek at it with Suzahdi here. The German Luftwaffe Major Erich Hartmann is the reason.

What is the German Luftwaffe? Who was Major Erich Alfred Hartmann?

First, what is the German Luftwaffe? “Luftwaffe” is the German equivalent of an air weapon. It was the German armed forces who took care of Germany’s air defenses and its airpower commitments around the world.

Second, who was Major Erich Alfred Hartmann? Erik Schmidt authored the book “Black Tulip” in which he notes that Major Erich Hartmann was the most successful fighter ace in the history of aerial warfare.

He says, “Hartmann essentially shot himself down a few times by running into his enemy’s shrapnel—that’s how close he liked to get.’ Hartmann in his Luftwaffe leather flight jacket would get as close as possible with amazing stealth before making his shot.

People say that the man was not necessarily a strong believer in the Third Reich philosophy. He was simply like many then and now…just going to work and doing his job. He was so good at it that he won the most coveted award in Germany, the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords, and Diamonds in August 1944.

He was forced to crash land sixteen times during his air career because of mechanical failure or from pieces of the “enemy’s aircraft” he had shot…hitting his airplane. He was never shot down, and remember, he had completed 1,404 combat missions.

Texting the family image of himself in the Luftwaffe leather flight jacket Erich Hartmann style by Suzahdi!

What Happened to Major Erich Alfred Hartmann at the end of WW2?

Major Erich Alfred Hartmann experienced his last aerial victory on May 8, 1945. He was captured by the United States forces who gave him to the Russian Red Army who basically…psychologically tortured him and blamed him for some pretty tough war crimes. He was released in 1955 and found not guilty of any of the war crimes. It is amazing that he lived another thirty-eight years after such a life like his.

Major Erich Alfred Hartmann must have seemed a bit different than the standard armed forces expectation of neat, short hair and steely confident air. In contrast, he had unruly blond hair and seemed to not quite fit in anywhere. Even so, he was nicknamed the “Blonde Knight of Germany.”

Why is the Luftwaffe Leather Flight Jacket Such a Trend Worldwide?

That short leather flight jacket with a bit of tuft tucking outward at the hem was and is unique like he was. The jacket known as the German Luftwaffe leather flight jacket was probably purchased in France. Historians say the French fashion and motorbike shops made this look and sold them everywhere. The German cockpits at the time were tiny. There was no room for big, bulky leather flight jackets.

Speaking of tiny…the tiny front buckle is really important on the Luftwaffe Erich Hartmann Leather Flight Jacket. We recently and accidentally forgot the tiny front buckle on one we made and crafted with TLC for our customer who promptly notified us. We were quick to make arrangements to send him one and help him find a local tailor to add it correctly.

luftwaffe leather flight jacket Erich Hartmann style by Suzahdi
Luftwaffe Leather Flight Jacket Erich Hartmann Style by Suzahdi

The original German Erich Hartmann style Luftwaffe leather jacket (Suzahdi’s 4th most popular style leather jacket) is meant to be an almost slim fit which gives it a really cool, stylish appearance…trendy for sure. We do not say that disrespectfully. If our customers like a looser fit, we recommend maybe one size up, but always it is most important to compare one’s measurements to the Suzahdi sizing chart.

suzahdi leather jacket sizing measurement chart for men
Suzahdi leather jacket sizing measurement chart for men!

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