1: Dean Winchester Leather Jacket 2: Captivating Fairy Tale Come True

1: Dean Winchester Leather Jacket 2: Captivating Fairy Tale Come True


Every Suzahdi leather jacket purchase has a story that can be shared, and sometimes they are…in this case, a Dean Winchester leather jacket. When Waiman reached out to us about Suzahdi’s version of the leather jacket that the much-beloved “Supernatural” TV show character Dean Winchester wears, we were intrigued. Waiman Osborne Becker and Werner Becker’s story is a fairy tale come true. (I, Suzanne Bowen, listened to “Strangers in the Night” and “Spanish Eyes” by Werner Becker, aka Anthony Ventura, and Orchestra, and it made my heart beat faster in memory of my mother who played songs like that often on the Victrola record player when I was a child.)


“I wish to tell you a little story about my husband Werner Becker and me. I became Anthony Ventura (real name Werner Becker)’s fan when I was 6. My father loved (loves) his music, and that was how I came across his music at first. It accompanied me throughout my childhood and teenage years.
“When I was 17, I decided to write him a letter to tell him how much I loved his music. I just copied the RCA address from the vinyl cover, didn’t think he would

Werner Becker and Waiman Osborne (Becker)
Werner Becker and Waiman Osborne (Becker)

really receive it. Unexpectedly, he replied, and I still have his letter in plastic lol.

“Then I sent him a handmade brooch of his name…………this was 1984.

“Then I got on with my life as an adult, still listening to his music. In 2017, I found his official website. There was a mailing address. I decided to write him again.

“Not only he remembered me, he sent me a photo of the brooch I made him, which he had displayed all these years. I went to Europe for vacation 2018 and he invited me to visit. Then he went to visit me in Canada. He told me he fell in love with me……..oh how could I resist. I moved to Germany this year and we got married in April.

“The **video is where we live now, a small village called Ober Klenkendorf, an hour drive from Hamburg. One photo is at Banff Canada. And our wedding photo in front of our house.

Werner Becker and Waiman Osborne (Becker)
Werner Becker and Waiman Osborne (Becker) got married!

“All the best,
Waiman Osborne (Becker)”


Why is the Dean Winchester Supernatural style leather jacket so sought-after and well-liked? We asked our customers and friends who have purchased one from us. Some of the answers include that it represents irrepressible love of family, physical and emotional battles we each have experienced, It once belonged to Dad…John Winchester. Anthony Ventura / Werner Becker wearing the Dean Winchester leather jacket absolutely embodies what everyone is thinking, feeling, and saying about the jacket.

Dean Winchester wore this leather jacket for about five years. It was as special to him as his amulet was. No one would have imagined that Dean would ever stop wearing it, but one year after The Apocalypse stopped, Dean did stop wearing the jacket. That just made more of his fans want a replica.

Per Supernatural Fandom’s articles on the Dean Winchester Leather Jacket, “Dean states, in Dream A Little Dream Of Me, that his “favorite leather jacket” used to belong to his father. We never actually see John wear the leather jacket. He wears a similar jacket in the flashback in Something Wicked, but it has different buttons and a horizontal seam across the breast that Dean’s leather jacket does not have.”


Suzahdi Dean Winchester leather jacket worn by Werner Becker Anthony Ventura
Famous Musician Werner Becker in Supernatural Dean Winchester Style Leather Jacket by Suzahdi









We love the rustic background in the picture of famous musician Werner Becker in the Suzahdi version of the Supernatural Dean Winchester leather jacket. It exudes so much positivity of a fairy tale come true.


Thank you for sharing with us this opportunity to hear, see, and feel the serenity and joy of the future, Mr. and Mrs. Becker. Thank you for showing how proud you are of Suzahdi Dean Winchester leather jacket craftmanship. Thank you for sharing a fairy come true.


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