Cosplay Leather Jacket FAQs 4 Critically Important

Cosplay Leather Jacket FAQs 4 Critically Important

We started with 7 critically important Classic and cosplay leather jacket FAQs, but decide that four of them is what you need answers to. Every single one of our much-appreciated customers tells us they cannot wait for us to handcraft the classic leather jacket or cosplay leather jacket they choose from Suzahdi eBay or website, and we feel the same way…but they have cosplay leather jacket FAQs.

As of today, we create over 55 styles. We agree with them though. We cannot wait! TLC fills every room where we work with TLC, collaborating with the precious customers, our stellar tailors, our careful shippers, and our other support teams.

Get answers to your cosplay leather jacket FAQs here. Rick Grimes rocks!

Now that it’s wintertime in the Northern Hemisphere, everyone is searching for warm classic and cosplay leather jackets and leather vests to wear outside to stay warm and inside and outside to nonchalantly show off how good they look in them. Suzahdi offers every classic and cosplay leather jacket or leather vest in a variety of colors such as black, gray, ginger, beige, navy blue, and many shades of red.

Recently we received a special order for an Emma Swan Once Upon a Time style leather jacket in byzantium color (HTML color code #702963). And yes, we make mistakes sometimes…within three weeks, we handcrafted and shipped a burgundy red leather jacket in OUAT style. She loves how it looks and fits but she wanted byzantium. We are on it, with a mission to follow her wishes.

We cannot wait to see how that one looks when our talented tailors are done! Jan says she will share pictures that we can share with you. We will definitely share pictures of her in this cosplay leather jacket in a future blog and with Suzahdi Instagram and Facebook communities.

Red Leather Jacket Emma Swan Once Upon a Time and Cosplay Leather Jacket FAQs
Red Leather Jacket Emma Swan Once Upon a Time Suzahdi Style

Anyways, everyone owns at least one leather jacket, correct? Even Vogue agrees with Suzahdi and you! Like everyone owns at least one pair of blue jeans, pullover sweater, white oxford shirt and t-shirt, Chuck Taylors, sweatpants, fedora hat and/or vintage baseball cap, Dr. Martens, or deck shoes…

The problem is that you have questions about the classic or cosplay leather jacket by Suzahdi you choose, right!?! We have your back.


We advise you to please have a professional tailor take your measurements and then share them with us. Most will do this complimentary, plus you never know when you might want them to repair or make some threads for you. Anyways, once you’ve shared your measurements, tell us if you want the jacket a little loose, regular fit, or slim-fitting to you. We’ll reply with some choices and our reasons for those choices for you to choose.

How measurements should be taken:


You decide if you want the sleeves to be a little long like halfway between your wrist and the knuckles of your hand which is what we recommend or to end right at your wrist. Keep in mind that the latter might look funny when you bend your elbow. Plus the beginning of the sleeve at the top should be where your shoulder ends! So measure from the end (sometimes called tip) of your shoulder to your wrist or more preferably to halfway between your wrist and the knuckles of your hand.

The Rick Grimes The Walking Dead style brown suede leather jackets we handcraft have sleeves that tend to be even a bit longer because is the Man’s unique style. Check out Andrew Fred Grimes, Tom Grimes Cosplay, The Everyday Grimes, Female Rick Grimes, the DutchGrimes, and Bohemian Cosplays for how wonderful they look in this style, answering another of your cosplay leather jacket FAQs.


The seam of the classic or cosplay leather jacket at the top of each sleeve should meet the tip of the shoulder…at the ACTUAL tip of your shoulder. If it falls short of the tip of your shoulder starting from the side of your neck, it will be uncomfortably tight and look awkward. If starting from the side of your neck, the shoulder area of the jacket goes past the tip of the shoulder, either it will look stiff and look as you have padded shoulders or it will just look sloppy, depending on how heavy the leather is.

Suzahdi cosplay leather jacket FAQs: shoulders just right here.
She looks beautiful in this Rick Grimes TWD style. Shoulders look NICE per Suzahdi answer to Cosplay Leather Jacket FAQs!


Traditionally, leather jackets should have a hem at the level of the belt on your slacks. Plus, most of us are under 6 feet tall, so if you want to look taller, waist-length is perfect. When the hem is at the top of the hips, that can look wonderful, too.

If you like shorter leather jackets, go for the biker jacket, bomber jacket, or flight jacket style. Our German Luftwaffe black leather jacket is the shortest one we handcraft because is one of the features that make the results authentic.

Want something kind of suave and cool that is longer like the 9th Doctor Who Chris Eccleston type of the Dean Winchester Supernatural look? They look hot and cool at the same time.


Be sure to take measurements completely around the chest just under the arms. While completely relaxed and breathing easily, measure around the fullest part of the chest. If you try to pump up your chest by taking a deep breath, you will probably be disappointed when the leather jacket arrives a little too big in the chest which makes you feel clumsy as you move around in it.

You are going to look stellar in your new, made-to-order leather jacket by Suzahdi. We cannot wait!


We offer choices of faux leather and real leather on many of our jackets. We believe that most faux leather smells like plastic; whereas, real leather jackets have a natural kind of animal scent.

Of all the leather jacket FAQs, we believe that knowing the difference between faux and real leather will help you avoid embarrassment. We would not be any part of that…unless you choose faux. Some leather jackets look better in faux material!

Endgame End Game Avengers Cosplay Leather Jacket FAQs
The Suzahdi cosplay leather jacket in the style of Endgame Avengers is one that looks good in real leather but even better in faux…cosplay leather jacket FAQs!

We don’t recommend baptizing your leather jacket, but maybe you can find a small section on the inside that you can put a drop of water. Most real leather will kind of absorb the water and spill a little. Faux leather and water? The drops just form a puddle and fall off.

Super cheap, low prices are a sign that the leather is not real because real leather is not cheap.

A little off-topic but also, we recommend asking your potential handcrafter vendor about the conditions of animals of where the leather is acquired, and also the conditions of the tailors and tailor assistants. If the vendor hesitates and gets nervous, maybe something is not right. We have special guidelines that are followed. Humane procedures and conditions only!


What an important item in our leather jacket FAQs! To take care of your jacket, follow these steps:

  1. Don’t crumple it unless you are trying to distress it.
  2. Don’t use a hot iron on your leather jacket because heat causes leather to crack.
  3. Pay a professional to clean it at least once per year. We know that may be a bit expensive, but for example, even though some leather can wiped with a special cloth perfect for cleaning leather with a bit of dampness from water, other leather cannot be. Don’t take a chance.
supernatural dean winchester cosplay leather jacket FAQs
The Dean Winchester Supernatural style real leather jacket looks authentic when distressed, cosplay leather jacket FAQs!


A great quality leather jacket can range anywhere from $150 to $2000 or more. Don’t worry. Ours are not over $400, at least not yet. How detailed and intricate the design is and what kind of leather and accessories determine the price. Don’t buy cheap leather jackets because that is what you will get. If it is cheap, probably the leather is not real or is of poor quality and whoever is actually handcrafting them is earning diddly squat. Both points are no-nos.

We care at Suzahdi since 2012 when Elegant Group Inc rolled out our Suzahdi handcrafted, made-to-order classic and cosplay leather jackets. That is why we took the leather jacket FAQs you share with us more often and answer them here! Just spend time with our customers on Instagram and Facebook. Read our reviews.

Create your own special login on Suzahdi website and browse away. Place the perfect leather jackets and leather vests from our selection in your own cart, complete the order, take your measurements and compare them to our measurement chart, share them with us, and ask us any questions you have.

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