Cosplay Aesthetics the Perfect Complement to Cosplay Leather

Cosplay Aesthetics the Perfect Complement to Cosplay Leather

Cosplay aesthetics key to #area51 and other hot trends of 2019

Half the tweets on #area51 include images with amazing alien cosplay aesthetics. Wishing #area51 were real or make-believe?

Yes, 9 of 10 want things like sci fi and fantasy ideas to be real. Cosplay aesthetics play an important part. Since storytelling time as kids we reveled in the Big Bad Wolf and the Wicked Witch of the West. Today we just can’t get enough of TWD’s Negan and Rick and his murder coat (even though he is “gone”), Maleficent, Marvel’s Jessica Jones, Matrix’s Agent Smith and Doctor Who’s Weeping Angels.

We talked at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta 2018 with Samantha Cherise from Chicago. She founded Zombify. Her

Zombify Cosplay Aesthetics and Suzahdi Leatherat Walker Stalker Con
Zombify cosplay aesthetics prep at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta

imaginative work in cosplay aesthetics includes lots of fun, scary looking liquids, powders, latex and such.

We discuss how she creates cosplay makeup from scratch, how “pretty” and “evil and scary” used to be clearly defined. Today these words are not clearly defined. They are an art to be defined however we like!

Watch Samantha. Get some tips to complete your cosplay look to go with your custom made, accurate leather jacket, leather coat or leather vest that Suzahdi handcrafts just for you.

One last thought… we like her advice on her Facebook page. Eliminate everything that gives you conflicted feelings. Embrace the things that resonate your soul.

Want to do business with and learn from Samantha’s cosplay art talent? Follow and like her on Instagram as sam_i_am_ilike_greeneggz_n_ham and Facebook cosplay aesthetics.

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