What’s Essential, Black or Brown Rick Grimes Jacket?

What’s Essential, Black or Brown Rick Grimes Jacket?

Listen to any The Walking Dead conversation, and you will hear the name “Rick Grimes” … like 50 million times, it seems. The Walking Dead cosplayers are some of the most dedicated of all. The Rick Grimes’ style real suede leather jacket, often called the murder jacket or murder coat, is the most popular of all with the real black leather Negan jacket and Darryl’s real brown leather vest almost a tie for second place. The pair of angel wings on the back of Darryl’s vest makes it popular with guys and gals, especially those who bike. Think Harley.

The thing is this: we are individuals with unique bodies, personalities, talents and tastes, so when a customer asks for a Rick Grimes’ style real leather cosplay jacket, we make it exactly how they want it.

Pictured are a few of our unique customers in the Suzahdi version of cosplay leather who show exactly how this works! We handcraft the Rick Grimes jacket in black or brown.


Rick Grimes real leather jacket TWD Suzahdi

What a wonderful group of worldwide Rick Grimes’ cosplayers who wear the Rick Grimes jacket so well! Their personalities are so interesting, each with his or her own story and spin: the_everyday_grimes, tomgrimescosplay, theswedishgrimes, savagegrimes14rickgrimes_5, grimes357, brandennkog, rickgrimes_sa_ids, Lincoln Lover, and Cecil Grimes Cosplay. We will add more that you can follow soon.

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