5 Reasons Must-Have 9th Doctor Who Chris Eccleston’s Killer Sweet Leather Jacket

5 Reasons Must-Have 9th Doctor Who Chris Eccleston’s Killer Sweet Leather Jacket

9th Doctor Who Chris Eccleston Leather Peacoat Jacket“ The Doctor Who (looking awesome in his black leather jacket, also known as a black leather peacoat) : Doctor Song, you’ve got that face on again.
River Song (looking beautiful with her big, beautiful head of red, curly hair ): What face?
The Doctor (played by Chris Eccleston whose iconic black leather jacket Suzahdi does make a replica : The “He’s hot when he’s clever” face.
River Song: This is my normal face.
The Doctor : Yes it is.
River Song : Oh, shut up.
The Doctor : Not a chance. ”

Truth is worn on our sleeves where everyone can see even when we cannot see. Chris Eccleston and his primary companion Rose Tyler (played by the beautiful Billie Piper) were quite WYSIWG and truthful and straightforward in fashion, attitude, language and action. They were refreshing in that way.

When Suzahdi first began to handcraft cosplay and classic leather jackets, we read hundreds of requests and still do 9th doctor who chris eccleston black leather peacoat jacketas to which new designs we should offer. The three most popular in the beginning were Rick Grimes’ brown suede leather jacket, Dean Winchester’s brown, distressed leather coat, and the 9th Doctor’s black leather blazer. What the three jackets have in common is that all three are in the fantasy genre either more on the scifi side or horror/supernatural side. They also make perfect must-haves for any fashion-conscious Earthlings. There is a simplicity about all three, a truthfulness, although Chris Eccleston’s is a bit more detailed and complicated to handcraft than the other two.

Chris Eccleston is said to have stated, regarding his black leather pea coat and dark trousers, “I didn’t want the costume to be my performance” and that “I wanted any flamboyance and colour to come out of my acting.”

Eccleston thought that as the Doctor he should show a “slight dark side” but also bring out a lighter side.

Executive producer Julie Gardner is said to have observed that the Ninth Doctor gave Eccleston the chance to be “very intense but also frivolous as well.”

How lovely and full of unadulterated, sweet truth!

  1. He’s hot when he’s clever. River Song’s normal face proves this truth. The leather jacket helps.
  2. Chris Eccleston and Billie Piper were truth personified. The leather jacket helps.
  3. It was the first leather jacket a Suzahdi customer asked for in 2012. That is the truth.
  4. It was one of the three most popular leather jackets that Suzahdi made from 2012 – 2013. Truth!
  5. The 9th Doctor Chris Eccleston’s leather jacket is, truthfully, a must-have for anyone who is proud to show off his fashion closet. It is black, the most popular jacket color. It is a peacoat style which has a certain cultured feel.


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