5 Colors Convey You in the Perfect Leather Jacket

5 Colors Convey You in the Perfect Leather Jacket


Red reveals your power and excitement which is very attractive. The perfect leather jacket for you might be a classic red, Emma Swan Once Upon a time inspired, Nikolaj Jaime Lannister Game of Thrones influenced, or Johnny Lawrence Cobra Kai Karate Kid style.

Red Leather Jacket Emma Swan Once Upon a Time and Cosplay Leather Jacket FAQs
Red Leather Jacket Emma Swan Once Upon a Time Suzahdi Style

A classic red leather jacket can be in-your-face bad-to-the-bone edgy, like “Sarah Plain and Tall,” or unbelievably and luxuriously fashionable. How do you feel today? Pull on the one that shows everyone exactly where you are coming from, and get ready for some thought-provoking, spontaneous conversations with friends and lovely complete strangers. Why not?


Black brings out your obvious sophistication and elegance. Who doesn’t own the perfect leather jacket in black? No wardrobe is complete without the perfect leather in attention-commanding or sedate and dignified black, depending upon your mood or interest. A black leather jacket is so versatile. Pair it with a button-down oxford shirt, a silk camisole or a matching black guayabera.

Bomber styles speak for themselves, elegant and smooth or shiny and new.

chris eccleston dr who style leather coat leather jacket
We cannot help but stare with joy at Chris Eccleston in this handsome black perfect leather jacket!


Yellow imparts your happiness which is MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOU KNOW. We handcraft the perfect leather jacket in black and a bit of light-hearted yellow stars and stripes. The color yellow used to pretty much mean cowardess, but it takes a brave, self-confident woman or man to wear it with the pride it deserves.

The Perfect Leather Jacket in Black with Yellow Stars and Stripes by Suzahdi

Brown broadcasts your ruggedness and sticktoitiveness. A distressed brown classic style with discreet tassles making it easy to zip and unzip could be your perfect leather jacket. The warm brown suede leather jacket like John Lennon wore on The Beatles’ Rubber Soul album is so cool. Mr. Adler, a musician, author, and college professor, wears a version by Suzahdi, so urbanely and perfectly. What an oxymoron, warm and cool, right? That stylistic approach makes us all think differently which is what you are meant to convey.


Orange discloses your inner warmth and love. We can just imagine Ceelo Green, famous for his memorable “Crazy” song we love to sing over and over at the top of our lungs, in an orange leather jacket. He would look fantastic in any leather jacket. Whoah. Our version of the orange and brown leather jacket that Wolverine wore would rock on him and you!

Miguel Insignares has such an ideal look in another orangish brown perfect leather jacket that looks like one Wolverine Logan wore. He played some unique roles in Super Heists and MacGyver. He is a comic book author, artist, and actor, and we are sure you remember him as “Savior” on “The Walking Dead.” The Suzahdi team of tailors, Suzanne, Fahdi, Johnny and Michael met Miguel in person. Even though he was very quiet, he had quite a welcoming demeanor which won everyone over to his booth and made a person want to hang out there.

wolverine leather jackets, the perfect leather jacket by Suzahdi by Suzahdi
Perfect leather jacket is perfect on Miguel Insignares, author, artist and actor.

There are health benefits to a colorful life per Aaron Gabriel of CNN. We whole-heartedly agree. He says that it can make us feel less violent, that it can perfectly calm us at the end of a stressful day, that it can help us to overcome our fears, that maybe purple was the color of our Earth’s lifeforms, that during WWI…hospitals had yellow walls to try and help heal injured soldiers, and that it may encourage good health and fresh vibes. Let’s do that together, encourage good health in emotion and body now and forever.

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