1000s of Reasons to Do Pensacon Comic in a Cosplay Leather Jacket

1000s of Reasons to Do Pensacon Comic in a Cosplay Leather Jacket

Hey! We Suzahdi Cosplay Leather Jackets and 1000s of other handcrafters and cosplayers have a chance to meet you at Pensacon 2020 this weekend Friday – Sunday February 28 – March 1, 2020. Suzahdi has a booth, a corner booth to be exact so you can see us coming from four directions. We’ll have a mirror and cosplay leather jackets and leather vests for you to try on and take some cool, nerdy selfies, too. There are so many thrilling celebrities who will be at this Comic Con such as Weird Al Yankovic and Alex Kingston from Doctor Who. Think, “Hello, Sweetie.”

We, the Elegant Group Inc’s Suzahdi cosplay leather jacket and leather vest team members, care more than ever to collaborate with * customers for the rewarding experience of handcrafting classic as well as cosplay and celebrity style leather jackets and leather vests just for each of * them, made to order. Here is why:

From placing order and discussion of fit and sometimes even the beautiful story behind the purchase to meticulous attention to accuracy and affordability and with emphasis on service and product ahead of speed, we truly enjoy every step of the way with each customer. Evidence to prove this is in the 1000s of images, stories and feedback of our customers in which they show their pride and explain why the jacket or vest is important to them in social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, RPF and Pinterest.

Having a 100 % in eBay and Etsy feedback makes our day, but most of all we love knowing that what we craft with our hands is going to make the customer feel fulfilled and happy because of the meaning behind it. We look forward to meeting many of you this weekend at Pensacon Comic Con February 28, 2020 Friday through March 1, 2020 Sunday in beautiful and a bit cold Pensacola, Florida.

Check out some of our customers from Hula Moon tattoo parlor, Perfect Plain Brewing Company, Video Game Stop and more.

Pensacon Comic Con Suzahdi Cosplay Leather Jackets
Pensacon Comic Con 2020
Pensacon Comic Con’s Steve, Kat and Mike Ensley as well as the guy in our Joker jacket who used to be brewer at Perfect Plain but now owns and brews at Odd Colony
Suzahdi’s Dean Winchester Supernatural style leather jacket coat
Suzahdi’s friend and customer Pino in our Top Gun Tom Cruise style leather jacket and his girlfriend
Joey Garcia in our Negan leather jacket TWD style with THE Jeffrey Dean Morgan at Fandemic

Pensacon Comic Con Suzahdi Leather Jackets

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