Halloween and Suzahdi cosplay leather jackets are the perfect combination. Clothes make a statement but COSPLAY tells a story about you, who you are really deep down inside, that everyone should know.

See, “Halloween is a time to be really creative,” said Judy Gold, an American Comedian, who plays Chaya on “Better Things” TV series. Doesn’t it feel good to share your story, your identity, your creativeness, and your imagination and to hear other people’s? Cosplay that favorite character that you totally relate to with a replica of the iconic leather jacket she or he wears! With TLC, we have collaborated with 1000s to do exactly that.

COSPLAY LEATHER JACKET 1: Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody – Harry Potter inspired Coat & Vest

Madeye Moody Harry Potter Suzahdi Version

Suzahdi cosplay leather jacket tailors and designers work daily with tender loving care since 2012 to replicate those of your favorite TV, movie, comic book, and video game characters’ cosplay leather jackets. Not only jackets but also cosplay leather vests and dusters!

COSPLAY LEATHER JACKET 2: The Cobra Kai Jacket: Johnny Lawrence The Karate Kid-inspired Leather Jacket in red, black, and yellow!

Cobra Kai Leather Jacket Suzahdi Version

Halloween is this weekend, and the celebrations have begun, but if you read this after or before Halloween, don’t forget, cosplay is fun every day! Now, we heard if you live in Anoka, Minnesota, you celebrate it bigger and braver than any other city in the world, or at least that is what Anokans say. Halloween is so much fun, almost the best time of the year, so we must get ready for it, right? BTW, have you ever tried on a cosplay leather jacket?

COSPLAY LEATHER JACKETS 3: Beatles Rubber Soul Album John Lennon Style Brown Suede Leather Jacket

See the right side for Suzahdi version of John Lennon (MHRIP) brown suede leather jacket.

John Lennon conjures thoughts of peace on Earth. No wonder this cosplay leather jacket is so popular with the Suzahdi community. When you are in that hippy kind of mood, this is the perfect Suzahdi leather jacket.

On the other hand, fun nightmarishly dressed children of all ages .10 to over 80 years–well, we all get to be children on Halloween–of what you fear most knock on your door just batting their great big eyelashes for some treats, yeah, baby! Time to experiment with the cosplay you dream of. You dream of it! You deserve not to wait anymore.

You must be tossing ideas back and forth, and we, at Suzahdi, want to help you. Just think, your cosplay leather jacket will double for those Comic Cons and other conventions where everyone does cosplay and where everyone loves to people-watch! Plus it is getting colder in many areas of the world, especially in the northern hemispheres.

COSPLAY LEATHER JACKETS 4: Women’s Samurai Costume Leather Jacket in Real Brown Leather with those Cool Patches You Expect

Cyberpunk 2077 Samurai style leather bomber jacket by Suzahdi

We have an ultimate list of 10 of the coolest Halloween cosplay ideas that should include you in a hot leather jacket. You need to take names and kick tail this year! People will be like, “Who’s in the house? You are in howowowse!”

BTW, where does the phrase “who’s in da house” come from? It is an ironic question asked, when someone who considers him or herself a Grand Pooh Bah has just entered the room is what The Urban Dictionary says.

The first person who is said to use that phrase is Irish comic Brendan O’Connor in his garish but sentimental pop hymn with the refrain, “Who’s in da house? Jesus in da house!” Interesting! We are talking with some customers and one of them told us about Brenden.

COSPLAY LEATHER JACKETS 5: Once Upon A Time Emma Swan Jennifer Morrison Inspired Red Leather Biker Jacket Suzahdi

Red Leather Jacket Emma Swan Once Upon a Time
Red Leather Jacket Emma Swan Once Upon a Time Suzahdi Style

That actress who plays Emma on “Once Upon a Time” is so down-to-earth pretty. One of our first customers asked us to make a replica of her jacket which actually, well… the character Emma wore at least 4 different red leather jackets in the show, each a slightly different shade of red. We have made many shades of red, too. Who doesn’t love candy apple red, deep rich burgundy or ever a perfectly pinkish red?

COSPLAY LEATHER JACKET 6: Suzahdi’s Inspired by HD with our version of black leather sleeves and blue denim torso cover jacket, a classy must-have staple jacket, biker style!

Blue Denim Torso Area, Black Leather Sleeve Jacket HD Style by Suzahdi

Let’s be straight-up honest. We love dressing up in ways that make us look hot and cool at the same time. What would be the best choice for that? Think… James Dean, Fonzi, Michael Jackson, and Olivia Newton John! Biker look, baby…

COSPLAY LEATHER JACKET 7: Michael Jackson “Pepsi Commercial,” “Thriller” and “Beat It!” style leather jackets

Michael Jackson even makes our Suzahdi team of tailors and customer service members want to sing at the top of our off-key lungs and dance like we can’t keep a beat, but we think we can. He was just so cool. What a work ethic he had even at a young, young age.

How in the world did he have any time for typical kid activities like doing a puzzle or building a fort out of sticks and stuff like that? The three leather jackets he wore are so beautiful. We do our best to replicate them. Let us know what you think!

COSPLAY LEATHER JACKET 8: We make two versions of Star-Lord Guardians of the Galaxy #GotG style dark red faux or real leather jacket. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol I Star-Lord

Guardians of Galaxy Star Lord Cosplay LeatherJackets
Guardians of Galaxy Star Lord Jacket version by Suzahdi

The Star-Lord, whether from Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 1 or 2, leather jacket is just so rich and deep feeling, that royal shade of red is unforgettable.

COSPLAY LEATHER JACKET 9: Dean Winchester Supernatural Style Distressed Cosplay Leather Jacket Suzahdi Version

You know Dean Winchester! He is the one who hunts supernatural beings with his brother Sam while traveling in a 1067 Chevy Impala car. Never forget his wishes for his remembrance when he passes. “OK, look. I want a big funeral. All right? I’m talking epic. OK? Open bar, choir, Sabbath cover band, and Gary Busey reading the eulogy.”

COSPLAY LEATHER JACKET 10: Think of a character in a book, comic book, movie, TV show or other that wears a leather jacket that you don’t see on Suzahdi website nor Suzahdi eBay store yet. We will choose one of your suggestions and add it here soon to our portfolio which now totals 52 different cosplay leather jackets.

What do we at Elegant Group Inc’s Suzahdi want you to take away from this talk with you? We wish to offer our make-to-order cosplay or classic leather jacket service to you. Every stitch will be lovingly made. We want you to achieve the look you dream up! It is all possible!

We can’t wait for you to browse our diverse array of classic and Halloween cosplay leather jackets ideas in sizes XXS to 5XL and even custom size.

Do you have a loved one who wants to cosplay with you or do you have a sports or other type of team, business, club and such who all want to wear the same style? We have great discounted rates on cosplay leather jackets for bulk orders. Just message us on any of eBay listings or message our chat service on our website. Your wish is our desire.

Happy Halloween! Happy autumn and winter 2021 and always in the future from our Suzahdi classic and cosplay leather team to you.

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